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Agreement To Enter A Publicity Quest

Terms and Conditions (also known as “Conditions”) are these terms and conditions of sale, which constitute the whole agreement between you and the Company regarding the use of the Service. 14.4 On request, LOCALiQ must include relevant confirmations of the customer`s rights on and on the marks in the format demanded by the customer. 38.4 After notification of the declaration of dispute resolution, the parties apply the following procedures (all the deadlines indicated in Clause 38 are agreed upon): 18.1. arbitration. You and Opera Event agree that, except as provided in Section 18.4 below, all disputes, controversies and claims related to this U (a “claim” each) will be resolved definitively and exclusively through a binding arbitration procedure that may be initiated by one of the parties by a written notification requesting arbitration to the other party. Each election that has been withdrawn from one party is final and binding on the other. Arbitration will be implemented within the framework of the arbitration rules and procedures in force by JAMS at the time of the opening of the arbitration (the “jams rules”) and under the conditions provided by this regulation. In the event of a conflict between the conditions set out in this section 18 and the JAMS rules, the conditions set out in this section 18 are monitored and enforced. (g) a creditor or charge bearer of the other party holds or takes possession of all or part of the other party`s property, or any emergency, execution, receivership or other proceeding is collected or executed or prosecuted, all or part of the other party`s property is collected or executed and this seizure or proceeding does not take place within ten working days; 21.1 Each party ensures and guarantees that it has the power and entrepreneurship required to conclude the contract without the consent of a third party.

2.4 The winner is notified on the day of the winner`s selection or as soon as possible after or as indicated in the contest information. You will be contacted to enter the contest at the phone number indicated. You have a certain fixed period during which you can benefit from your price, usually 30 working days, unless otherwise stated in the competition information. This 30-day delay is from the moment you have been informed that the price is available for pickup. If you do not respond within the specified time frame, this can result in the price falling, although Quest Media Network makes reasonable efforts to contact the winner to ensure that this does not happen.

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