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Bdht Tenancy Agreement

Information about a lease or lease is kept as long as the contract is active or the money is owed to the account, and for up to three years after that. The basic story of which rental home is kept to which property and when is kept forever. We may need to share information with lawyers, agents, mortgage agents, financial advisors, court officers, experts and experts in a real estate sale. This is necessary to verify that the property is not overcrowded and to evaluate other rental management issues, for which all owners and age must be known. It is really important for you to take care of your home and take over important controls such as gas safety, which are carried out every year by bdht. You should keep your home on a comfortable level so that you live happily and happily, the same goes for your garden if you have one. We understand that preparing your home can be discouraging, which is why we`ve gathered some important information to help you. It is really important to you and to us that you are able to maintain your lease with us, pay your rent and integrate into the community in which you live. With mybdht you can manage your rent bdht quickly and easily online. In the case of a shared lease, both parties have their own mybdht account. bdht collects information from you on a variety of sources, including if you apply for one of our features or services, fill out one of our forms, if you call, write, write, or contact us or respond to a survey. We can collect information when you use our social media sites, websites or the self-service “mybdht” portal. bdht Ltd.

Generally does not process information about children under a rental agreement, since all tenants are adults. However, we collect the basic information of children when they are established in one of our domains, including their name and date of birth. This data protection statement is a public document that is accessible to all and customers of bdht Ltd. (Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Ltd.) to explain how the organization collects and processes personal data to conduct normal business activities as a non-profit housing company in the Uk. bdht is registered with the Office of Information Officers as the person responsible for the processing. Our headquarters are in Buntsford Court, Buntsford Gate, Bromsgrove, Worcs.

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