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Branch Agreement

AND CONSIDERING that the company is interested in the appointment of a manager of the new branch, capable of looking after its commercial interests and promoting the sale of its products in the states of Maharashtra-Gujarat; 2.M. X will devote all his time, expertise and attention to the company. It will also promote the sale of the company`s products in areas covered by the industry, advertising at its sole discretion in different modes. 8 months after premium Settlement Date Rebate Settlement Date Rebate Rebate / / 24 24 > 0 (C) If the borrower makes a loan before maturity and such a loan contains a forward provision that can be imposed by all applicable laws, the recovery will be reduced according to the investor`s requirements for the amount of advance commission received. Section X OBJET This agreement cannot be surrendered without the prior agreement of the parties. Section XI GOVERNING LAW This agreement is interpreted in accordance with New Jersey State laws applicable to any disputes that may arise between the employer and the subsidiary director. Section XII FEES Employers and branch managers recognize the differentiation of fees charged at the branch to cover branch fees and fees charged to customers in relation to individual credit charges. In both cases, employers and branch managers understand that these fees may change from time to time, depending on market conditions, government rules, etc. These changes are communicated to the branch manager by an operating note with a notice of change at least 10 days in advance. It goes without saying that the tax changes are not 8 7. The company may terminate Mr. X before the expiry of the agreement by announcing three months of termination or salary for three months instead of the agreement, without justification, and A has no right against the company in the event of an early termination of service.

3 Employer, unless the branch manager acts in the brokerage function and has the written agreement of the borrower and specific investors participating in the above transaction.

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