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Cell Phone Agreement With Child

IQ has nothing to do with the essentials needed to use the smartphone: maturity, impulse control, and the ability to resist temptations and manage risk, to name a few. 4 tech tools that manage kids` screen time so you can`t do itI`ve always been a little uncertain about how to handle all the technique and screen time. Strict deadlines? Unlimited use with clear expectations of behavior and responsibilities outside the screen? Or maybe a work system at Earn where different household chores accumulate precious moments on a device? A mobile phone contract can also help set limits on the number of children who can spend on apps each month. If time management is an issue, you can set “phone-free” hours during classes, at meals, or before bed. These are some of the reasons why a mobile phone contract can be especially useful for children with ADHD. A contract is like a deal with a teenage girl: “You (the teen) do it (act well on social media) and we (the parents) will do it (keep paying for your phone).” The chords seemed to work when they were younger (“Eat your green beans and you can have your dessert”), but this phase is over. They are the parents; You don`t do business with your tweens and teenagers. Instead, lead them with trust, love, and reason. Don`t think that agreements also work for other parents. According to the emails that fill my inbox, parents who do “phone business” wave a white flag on failed contracts. Family conflicts multiply when telephone contracts are broken. I`ve heard too many heartbreaking stories about how the failure of the phone contract caused alienation, lies, mistrust, and deep-seated pain between teens and parents. For some, the damage seems irreparable.

You are taking a big step forward with your child. Of course, they`ve been telling you for months that everyone has their own phone, so it shouldn`t be that important, right? Only, that`s it. Most of us are more attached to our phones than we would like to admit. Sometimes people are even called with them. The sample phone contract below can make it easier for you and your child to access. Use the contract as it is or treat it according to your own rules and consequences. Check the contract regularly if circumstances and challenges may change. I know it sounds hard to do, but delaying the smartphone is much easier than a contract or removing it later. A general rule of order is to allow the phone if the teen actually has a real reason to use it, which doesn`t just keep pace with friends they see every day at school. Socializing personally is much better for their brain development and does not run the risk of addiction. If the phone is used as a tool to support a mature need (such as a job), your teen will be more balanced with its use…

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