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Como Rellenar El Learning Agreement

This is one of the most important documents, but what you need to fill out. It is completed as soon as your admission has been confirmed and the destination university. You must complete the learning agreement twice, one copy for your home university and once for the target university. Before starting your Erasmus, you must obtain the signature of this agreement through the Office of International Relations. If you reach your goal, you will also need to get the signature of the coordinator of your new university. The three signatories of the apprenticeship agreement undertake to respect everything that has been agreed and thus guarantee the subsequent recognition of internships or studies abroad without further requirements. It is possible to change the learning agreement as soon as you are at your destination, provided that both universities agree. The processing time is not very long, so as soon as you start classes, you have to decide if you want to make changes. Although it is a little laborious, it is quite normal that these agreements are modified (class correspondence, schedule changes …). Contact your Erasmus coordinator to explain the exact procedure and deadlines of your university. In the context of mobility for traineeships, the apprenticeship agreement must indicate how traineeships are recognised, whether they are counted towards the diploma, voluntary (not compulsory for the diploma) or attended by a new graduate. See notes below. The objective of the agreement is to ensure transparent and efficient preparation of exchanges in order to ensure that the student benefits from the recognition of successful activities abroad.

This is a full-fledged research, check the website of your destination university to review the themes of each discipline, ask other students who have participated and answer questions addressed to your Erasmus coordinator to ensure that the questions you have selected can then be validated. The choice of materials is a bit complicated because they do not follow the same structure as in Spain. This way you can discover that you need to do several to get the validation of only one in Spain. In the field of mobility for higher education, the learning agreement must include a group of academic components that will be replaced by a degree abroad after graduation. See notes below. The apprenticeship contract must include all the learning outcomes that the student must acquire during the exchange. . . .

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