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Senior Living Lease Agreement

For Type C contracts, you only pay for the care you need. Entrance fees and monthly fees are usually lower than other types of contracts, but if you need a higher level of care, you pay market prices. If you are an independent resident and need acute care, to keep your home, you still have to pay your monthly fee and the accommodation and care costs you receive. Since most senior residence contracts are full of branch and legal terms, it can be difficult to understand the full terms of the agreement, which is why it`s advantageous for a lawyer to check them on your behalf. See how you can take a closer look at the details of a seniors` residence contract and read other tips from A Place for Mom`s Legal Expert, Stuart Furman Esq. You are able to do this because you pay an entrance fee in advance, which essentially pays for future care in advance. While you pay more at first, your monthly fees are predictable and remain the same, even if you need care, which can save you considerable money in the long run. If you`re looking for seniors` residence options, you`ll see that there are not only different types of communities, but also different types of financial agreements and licensing.

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