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Sun Collective Agreement Wages

With Sun declared the impasse, Ombudsman Richard Hornung was appointed by the government. The CEO of the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO), Doug Forseth, cited wages as a barrier. RL: We have a process called the Nursing Advisory Process, in which you can document critical incidents that occur in case of understaffing – or equipment problems, etc. If the employer and the union do not reach an agreement, an independent evaluation committee (ACI) will eventually be called upon. However, the decision of the Independent Evaluation Committee (IAC) was not binding. So we tried to make those decisions binding. But we still didn`t have a collective agreement. So we started negotiating. I believe it was on July 1 that we got our agreement. RL: We worked closely together.

We knew it would be a really difficult round of bargaining, because all these new nurses who had come to us had their own collective agreements. So we brought a member from each of those units. It was really a big committee, and our principle was that if nurses in Regina could accumulate up to 140 sick days, we wanted that for everyone. We knew we wouldn`t have that for everyone — we wouldn`t have everything for everyone — so our return position was „those who have it won`t lose it.” The working action is therefore very low on the totem. Duck. No one would do it – The last time we negotiated, we found ourselves in a deadlock, it was in 2014, and our collective agreement came from a special mediator, and it was in turn related to the fact that nurses could exercise their autonomy to determine if more staff was needed. So the fight continues. And the difficulty is that you could get good results in terms of salaries and social benefits, because in general, an arbitrator looks at what makes sense there and writes a reasonable decision. Usually. But what is not dealt with are things like workload.

There are things that are harder to quantify, and basically you have to tell the story and have public support, and those are the types of things that are written under this bargaining system where you can`t hit and [the result] is written by an arbitrator. DO: At that time, we had the government that was most supportive of the work in the province [the New Democratic Party], and they were the ones who ordered us back to work. The strike took place in April, and they [the PND] called elections at the end of June, and they ended in a minority government. And I think it was an extension of the strike. There is not often a pro-work government that puts unionized workers back to work. They were already proud to have the bargaining process work themselves to get a negotiated collective agreement. .

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