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Varo Savings Account Agreement

Here you can add an idea or vote on an existing idea that would be useful for your banking needs! I`m very happy with 99% of Varo, from account to customer service, but my only disaffection is that when I open the app, I find it so confusing to see all my linked accounts and really have to check how much money there is actually in my Varo account and not an overall amount between all my banks. I open the Varo app first to check my Varo credit before using my Varo card and I certainly can`t make purchases with the amount available between each of my linked accounts, so I personally feel that this feature should be set more in the background and not as the main attraction when you open the app. I absolutely love having the ability to see everything at a glance, but I really hate that it`s so hard to focus on the Varo account, which is the main reason why you would open the app instead of opening the app to your other accounts, right? It would be nice if you might be able to customize your home screen to focus on what`s most important to each person. That`s no reason why I don`t like the bank account, but just something that annoys me about the app itself. I appreciate the fact that I receive my direct deposit early, and I appreciate the decomplete feature that offers you $50 until your next deposit. It was nice to be seen a little more until payday. At first, anyway. At one point, Varo updated its app, which began to disrupt the limit of 50 overdrafts you could use, reducing all purchases, even though you still have $45 available to be used with the overdraft amount…

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